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  1. To establish health institute/hospital with multispecility clinic catering to the valuerable, downtrodden & needs of both Urban & Rural Setup.
  2. To promote health awarness for better & healthy living on all types of medical social & mental illness amongst the community.
  3. To Setup welfare institute for the woman, children & destitute.
  4. To establish schools, colleges & orphanages to help the poor & needy be able to receive education & support for better living.
  5. To provide, support & linkages for rural people & self help group (S.H.G) & youth to be self reliant by providing them income generating measures by building of co-operatives.
  6. To provide consultancy & capacity building of other N.G.O., Social organization and technical institute on various technical aspects of medical science and social issues like right and gender.
  7. To work for water sanitation and water shed activities in the rural area.
  8. To develop low cost housing with latrine with built for the poor population.
  9. To work in the field of HIV/AIDs/RT1 ST1 and other communicable disease like TB/ Leoprosy /Malaria, Eradication and control project.
  10. To organize health camps for eye surgery and blindness control programme in association with other likeminded organization.
  11. To develop old age home/shelter homes for the destitute and disabled people.
  12. To work for the upliftment of scheduled caste and tribes through various tribal development scheme.
  13. To integrate with various Govt. and International agencies development.
  14. To work for the improvement of physical, mental and social health of women and children directly and by supporting the activities of Aganwadi, Balwadi and other such organization.
  15. To eradicate the illiteracy through sustained illiteracy mission.
  16. To establish library, for the overall development of individual.
  17. To work for upliftment of women and against atrocities.
  18. To work for protection of environment.
  19. To work for eradication of social evils rampant in the society, like child marriage, untouchability, superstition.
  20. To promote national and regional language and to develop a sense of pride for once culture, tradition and nationality.
  21. To make women self reliant by promoting, Small Scale Industries and Cottage Industries amongst the SHG’s.